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Notary Public Guide

In the United States, the precise details of a notary official vary from state to state. Some requirements are mandatory in one state but optional in others.

The office of the Notary Public is also fulfilled by a person who is appointed by the state’s government. It’s usually the Secretary of State’s office, but in some states like Utah, this could be the Lieutenant Governor’s office.

Notary Publics are responsible for three to four broad duties. Each state issues the notary official with a handbook that outlines the details of these duties and guidelines on legal, ethical execution. The requirements of the handbook are best practices though. If there’s ever a dispute, official statutes will make or break the ruling — not the handbook.

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What is the Difference Between a Notarization and an Attestation?

Many people assume that “notarization” and “attestation” refer to the same act. That’s not quite the case.

While only a state-commissioned public notary can perform a notarization, anyone can perform an attestation. Read more to learn the subtle differences between the two legal terms.

An attestation happens when a person not involved in a transaction (a third party) “attests” or witnesses the two involved parties sign a document. The third party then signs a statement that he or she saw the two involved parties sign the document, and sometimes verifies the content itself.

Classic Car

How to Sell A Classic Car

Buying and selling used cars is not a difficult undertaking. Most Americans have done this at least once in their lifetimes. When you sell a used car rather than trade it in at a dealer, you usually get a better price for the vehicle. Sometimes, you can get a good deal on a used car when you buy it through a private sale as well.

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