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For over 200 years, notaries public have been officially recognized by the Commonwealth, with the power to administer oaths and affirmations, take acknowledgements, take verifications on oath or affirmation, witness or attest signatures, certify copies or depositions, and note protests of negotiable instruments.

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With our notary public experience, we can perform acknowledgements, certifications, and verifications for hundreds of thousands of important documents fo ryou. We can also advise you on the next steps where required.

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  • Power of Attorney
  • Personal Legal Documents
  • Transfer of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Loans
  • Financial Documents
  • Will & Trusts
  • Copy Certification of Document Custodian
  • Guardianships
  • Health Care Directives
  • Medical Release Forms
  • Acknowledgements/Affirmations
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • DMV Documents
  • Title Transfers
  • Registrations & Plates
  • Sworn Oaths

Loan Signing Agents Vs Notary Publics

Did you know that all signing agents are notary publics, but not all notary publics are signing agents? It’s true: There are nearly 4.4 million notaries in the United States, and a good percentage of them are also loan signing agents.


What is the Difference Between a Notarization and an Attestation?

Many people assume that “notarization” and “attestation” refer to the same act.That’s not quite the case.

While only a state-commissioned public notary can perform a notarization, anyone can perform an attestation. Read more to learn the subtle differences between the two legal terms.


How to Sell a Classic Car

Buying and selling used cars is not a difficult undertaking. Most Americans have done this at least once in their lifetimes. When you sell a used car rather than trade it in at a dealer, you usually get a better price for the vehicle. Sometimes, you can get a good deal on a used car when you buy it through a private sale as well.


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